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Rojac Construction has an established history of completing outstanding engineering jobs for commercial clients in Wailuku, HI and beyond. Over the past two decades, we’ve served major retailers such as Target® and Walmart® and have executed projects ranging from $1,700 to $14 million in cost. As our company has grown, we’ve continued to strive for extraordinary customer service and professionalism.

Highways & Roadways

Clients across the island trust us to provide safe and smooth roads. Whether it’s a large highway or a residential street, we create a risk-free surface for all vehicles. We provide comprehensive roadway services, including asphalt and concrete paving. Because of our location near the center of Maui, we can easily access any project site and efficiently finish the job to minimize traffic detours or delays.

Pipelines & Groundwork

Rojac Construction specializes in the installation and upkeep of underground utilities, such as water, sewer, and drainage lines. Cities throughout Maui count on our engineering crews to repair and maintain municipal pipeline systems, as well as underground electrical and gas lines. We also complete mass earthwork excavation and grading to modify and stabilize the land surface for new development.

Local Hauling

For every engineering job, we partner with our sister company, Rojac Trucking, to haul materials to the project site. This approach offers a more convenient and affordable alternative to hiring an external trucking company, and our collaboration saves you the time of searching for a different contractor to transport large construction materials.


Roadway Construction

Home/Building Demolition

Pipelines and Underground Utilities

Mass Earthwork and Grading

Underground and Above-Ground Storage Facilities

Concrete Structures

Water, Sewer, and Drainage Systems

Land Clearing

Previous projects

industrial park
Palaau Industrial Park, a 22-lot industrial subdivision owned by Molokai Ranch, Ltd., included mass earthwork, roadway construction, installation of onsite water, drainage, electrical, telephone, and CATV systems, and installation of approximately two miles of off-site water system, including the construction of a 400,000-gallon reservoir. The project was completed in November 1996.
industrial park
Kahana Ridge Subdivision, a 240-lot residential subdivision owned by Maui U.S.A. Corp., included mass earthwork, roadway construction, installation of water, sewer, drainage, electrical, street lighting, telephone, and CATV systems and construction of an irrigation well and pump and a Sewage Lift Station complete with standby generator. One lot of the subdivision was designated as a heiau and was protected during the entire construction process. The project was completed in December 1997.
industrial park
Maui Lani Parkway, a half-mile four-lane roadway owned by HRT, Ltd., included mass earthwork, roadway construction, installation of water, sewer, drainage, electrical, street lighting, telephone, and CATV systems and modifying the existing State of Hawaii highway to incorporate a new signaled intersection. Because of the sensitive archaeological nature of the area, the project included constant monitoring and in some cases archaeological mitigation. The mass earthwork portion of the project included excavating and hauling approximately 167,000 cubic yards of material to the embankment areas where the material was placed and compacted to serve as the roadway structure and also a future building site. The project was completed in January 1998.    
industrial park
Kaheawa Wind Farm in the West Maui Mountains above McGregor Point posed a challenge. We had to pioneer a new access roadway to service the wind farm and maintain a maximum 17.5 percent slope on the roadway to allow the mobilization of the extremely heavy wind turbine parts from the near sea level highway up to the Kaheawa Pasture. This design requirement resulted in 25-foot-deep cuts in solid basalt rock and large fills over culverts installed in existing gulches. The project was completed in the last quarter of 2005.    
industrial park
Piilani Village Shopping Center Sitework consisted of on- and off-site work, including mass earthwork, structural earthwork for the buildings, installation of drain, sewer, water, power, telephone, lighting, CATV systems, and construction of the large parking lot for the shopping center, including concrete curbing, sidewalks, and wheelchair ramps. The job was completed in 2001.
industrial park

Ke AliI Subdivision, 96-lot residential subdivision owned by Towne Realty of Hawaii, included mass earthwork, roadway construction, installation of water, sewer, drainage, electrical, street lighting, telephone, and CATV systems and installation of 110 lineal feet of 11-foot-high by 28-foot-wide precast concrete con-span culvert and 65 lineal feet of double-barrel 8-foot-high by 24-foot-wide con-span culvert with appurtenant inlet and outlet structures. The project was completed in April 2002.

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